Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Man Plans...God Laughs

When Sam & I exchanged vows in 1999, we had no idea the life that was ahead of us. We were young & in love and all we wanted was to travel the world together. Neither one of us was in a hurry to start a family. When the time came, we knew that I never had a strong relationship with my only sister and Sam was happy as an only child, so we figured we'd probably stick to being parents of one as well...which was further affirmed after the tremendously difficult pregnancy that chauffeured us into parenthood eleven years ago!

Have you ever heard the saying "Man plans, God laughs"? Well that, my friends, is the story of our lives! We were content in our life as a young couple with one wonderful little we were SHOCKED when we learned we were expecting again! Of course, we can't imagine life without our precious little monkey. Then, God broke our hearts for the orphans of the world...leading our family to expand once again with the long-awaited arrival of our family's youngest two members, who joined us through the miracle of international adoption last year! Our minivan is near capacity, but that's ok! We've placed our lives in the hands of our Heavenly Father and He has provided for all of our needs.

We are so abundantly blessed to have four beautiful, adventurous, uniquely created children blended together to create our awesome little family. To say we are blessed beyond measure would be an understatement of exponential proportion. We are happy together (even on the days when life is just really, REALLY hard).

Where do we go from here? What does the future hold for our little fam? Well...God is doing some AMAZING (and unexpected) things in our hearts and we are excited to announce that our family will be expanding once again!!! We have answered the call to adopt...AGAIN! We are currently gathering all the updated paperwork needed for our dossier. We are moving forward in faith that God has called our family back to Ghana to bring HOME these amazing blessings...2 beautiful children who have waited, longingly, for YEARS for someone to say YES to them...and are trusting Him to provide for all our needs along the way.

We are so very excited to be beginning this journey again. Please keep our family (those under our roof and those waiting for us overseas) in your prayers as we take this enormous leap of faith. Thank you!


  1. Praise God and congratulations!!! So excited to follow your journey.

  2. I love the hearts and "it's another girl"! This is going to be an amazing journey for your family! Love you!